Live in St. Petersburg? Want to shop for food online?
Let us help you.

Save time and stress by getting us to deliver right to your kitchen.
We personally choose every single item for you, selecting only the freshest, best-quality food – just as you would yourself!
We shop for you at the Prisma, Metro, Lenta, Land and Super Babylon supermarkets.

Choose groceries from Prisma, Metro, Lenta, and Super Babylon in our online catalogue.

If you need help, you can email us in English or call or text us, and we’ll get an English-speaking staff member to ring you right back.

You’ll get your groceries as soon as 90 minutes after you make your order, or at any time that’s convenient for you. You’ll be told the name and phone number of the courier and can see their photo here.

It costs just 249 rubles to order online.
Pay for your groceries by cash or card when you get them


Make your order by choosing items from the catalogue. The catalogue is in Russian (you can ask us if you need help!). Prices are the same as in the supermarkets. You pay by cash or card when you get the goods.


Choose a delivery time.
We can deliver 90 minutes after you place your order, or any time in the days ahead.
We try to stick to delivery times, but they can vary by up to 25 minutes due to traffic.


Your Personal Shopper will go and buy your groceries in the supermarket, taking as much care to choose the freshest food on offer, just as you would yourself.
We choose the freshest available dairy products, check that all the eggs we buy for you are whole, and select the best quality fruit and vegetables.
If an item has run out, or the quality looks bad, we will call you and offer you alternatives.


We pack your groceries into plastic bags, putting meat and ice cream into cold bags, so that your groceries arrive in pristine condition!


Your courier will pack your bags onto his environmentally friendly electric scooter and bring them to your home.
You’ll have the security of already knowing his name and phone number.
Once you’ve got your groceries and are happy with them, you can pay the courier by cash or card.

Start shopping!